How to Whiten UnderarmsHow to Whiten Underarms

How to Whiten Underarms

If you are looking for ways on how to whiten underarms effectively, then you’ve come at the right site. If you gone far in Google or other search engines finding effective and proven steps in how to whiten your underarms, then for sure this problem has been affecting you or someone that you know which can either low your morale, confidence and ego. Do not worry because you are not alone! Did you know that thousands and thousands of people specifically women, are bothered by this. So in order for you to know how to whiten your underarms, you must first know the reason why underarms are getting darker.

Why are your underarms are getting darker? There are factors and reasons that make your armpits darker, these are the genetics, hormone changes, age, overly excessive shaving, using low quality deodorants, and pregnancy. Also you must understand that your underarms can darken because of perspiration in your armpits that is don’t often completely be removed. If your sweat in your armpits do not fully dries out in the folds of your underarms skin, it creates uric acid which is one of the main cause of skin darkening.


Well some women are getting self-conscious or just being shy, or just can’t even wear sleeveless shirts, bathing suits, tank tops, spaghetti straps or dresses that show underarms as this can be the most humiliating time of their life, as the dark underarms is potentially being exposed and will be seen by people that are around her. Which are an instant turn off to guys! Don’t lose hope if you are having this kind of problem, as this site will help you know how to whiten underarms!

Change the way how you remove your underarm hair. If you are using some hair dissolving or depilatory creams to remove hair in your underarms, then you should stop using these items. These items has strong percentage of acid and other substances that will remove hair but can also make your skin darken. Not using these products will result of your armpits be lighter especially if it was light before.

Do not shave excessively. Yes, shaving overly will make your underarms darken, so shaving less is a good idea if you want to whiten your underarms. Why shaving can darken your armpits? If you do not know, as you shave your skin, it removes the top most layer of the skin along with the hair, which can make the fresh exposed layer to darken instantly if exposed to sweat. If you are having trouble with your hair growing fast, you could try waxing your underarms instead of shaving, or you can use a sugar procedure of removing unwanted hair. Always remember that waxing your underarms is best done by professional, because your skin in your armpits is so sensitive, doing it without experience can be painful, much worse it can bleed and cause scars, if the waxing procedure is not done properly.

Wear loose clothes. Tight clothes tend to cause friction against your underarm skin which can make it darken. So it is advisable to wear breathable clothes that won’t cause friction in your armpit area.

Regularly wash your armpits. Throughout the day, your body accumulate oil and dirt which can pile up in your underarms, and these can make your armpits darker. Wash your underarms well with soap and rinse it with warm water. Having a good hygiene can certainly make your underarm lighter.


Use paste. Mix calamansi or lime juice, milk powder, and honey directly in to a paste then apply it in your underarms. Leave this in your armpits for about 15 minutes, then proceed to rinsing it completely. Continue to do this for several weeks and you will have a whiter underarms!

Household products will do the trick. Mix baking soda with a paste of white vinegar and put it on your underarms. Do this twice a day, as these two natural products can make your underarms whiter. Alternatively you can spread calamansi juice or just rub a sliced calamansi or lemon to your underarms. These are some of the easy ways on how to whiten underarms naturally.


Use lightening creams with caution. If ever you wanted to use underarm whitening creams or bleaching creams, do this only occasionally. More over, if your really wanted to use this products, it is best to consult or talk to a doctor, pharmacist or dermatologist for guidance. Your health and safety is important and consulting the experts is a wise move as some of these products may make your underarms darker instead of being whiter.

Make an effort to do these steps and for sure you will make your dark underarms become whiter again, start today and soon be flaunting your flawless underarms in almost no time! Be sure to bookmark our site as we share more on how to whiten underarms!