How to Whiten UnderarmsHow to Whiten Underarms

How To Whiten Underarms Fast And Naturally

Here is a complete and in-depth guide on how to whiten underarms. If you want to take a full course on how to whiten underarm and skin, check this resource.

Holistic therapy is one of the best recommended methods that should be address on how to whiten underarms fast and naturally. However, we tend to neglect that some parts of underarm areas until we notice that is becoming dark in appearance. Don’t worry as a natural holistic option can help solve these problems quickly.

One of the most un-discoursed parts of our body happens to be the underarms; we often tug, rub, shave and apply some deodorants without actually providing care of that tender skin.

So what are some sources that cause our armpits to darken? If we wanted to know how to whiten underarms fast and naturally, first find out the source that caused its darkening; if you can pinpoint what the root cause of darkening armpits, then you can prevent it from happening again.

• Shaving, rubbing armpits, and plucking are a few things that we do on our underarms. Each time that you shave or pluck hair in your underarm will case small abrasions. During the healing process of your tender skin, the abrasions start to darken thus making your armpits darker.

As a proof that this is happening, try to dab a little alcohol under your arms after you shave; take a deep breath as most likely it will start to sting. This is because of the small abrasions that are caused by shaving and plucking hair in your underarm. Plucking and shaving will also cause underarm hair to stand up and enlarge hair follicles. This makes your underarms begin to look like chicken skin.

• Additionally, there are products that we use and apply in our underarms that contain irritants, like perfumed soaps and deodorants that can cause allergic reaction and potentially can aggravate the tender skin, resulting dark underarms.

• Study and take note of what laundry detergents that you are currently using; some of them may contain harsh chemicals and we have a tendency to put more than the recommended quantity when we are washing our clothing.

• Having extra weight can also exacerbate the darkening of underarms; the heaviness of the arms rubbing with each other can cause hyper-pigmentation.

Learning How to Whiten Dark Underarms Fast and Naturally

1. One of the best bleaching agent and holistic whitening is the lemon juice. Lemon juice has been working magic for ages and is known to solve problematic skin issues. Cut a lemon into two, then take the half and rub the juice into your armpits. Let it seep in and dry for about thirty minutes; rinse if off after with mild soap. This method can be applied on your armpits every day, but make sure that the lemon juice does not sting the armpits. Do not try this method if you have allergies on lemons. If all goes well, then use it every night before going to sleep.

Tip: Squeeze some of the lemon juice into a spray bottle so that you can use it on another day. Spray the juice on your underarms a few times a day; this will help make faster underarm lightening results plus the citrus smell can help make your armpits smells good.

Take note that lemon juice may dry out your skin, so for better results add some moisturizing oil and mix it with Vitamin E oil or Mineral oil to make a soothing experience.

2. Alum Powder is another holistic remedy that you can use to control perspiration, sweat and will help lighten up dark armpits. However, you should take note that alum powder can irritate a person’s skin, so use it with care.

3. Honey and lemon juice mix together is another great natural remedy. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of honey and add a teaspoon of Alum Powder; the honey balances the alum powder and the lemon juice and make an amazing all natural home whitening treatment; it’s smells so good and soothing.

Apply this great all natural mixture to your armpits before you will be taking a bath. The honey makes the mixture a bit sticky but it’s not too uncomfortable; allow it to stay for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

4. Another underarm whitening method is using a mixture of cucumber juice and lime, and add a tablespoon of turmeric power. One tablespoon of lime and a tablespoon of cucumber juice will suffice. Combine all the ingredients and it will turn into a paste. Apply the mixture on your armpits and allow it to dry thoroughly. Rinse if off with warm water, and then splash with cold water to help close follicles.

5. One natural element that you can easily find in the grocery store which can act as an underarms whitener is the baking sode. The baking soda contains perfectly balanced – not acidic or alkaline and can help regulate your PH level. It can be used as a exfoliant to remove dead skin and absorbs odor, making it one of the best choice you can use to whiten your armpits. After showering, gently rub the baking soda into your underarms to lighten the dark skin.

Many people easy easily learn how to whiten dark armpits fast and naturally, nevertheless after the transformation, it’s becoming dark again due to hyper-pigmentation. To help get rid of any hyper-pigmentation, you must continue in using these remedies. What is the use of learning how to whiten dark underarms fast and naturally, if all of your sacrifice, time, and hard work will be wasted?

Here are a few important tips to maintain lightened underarm skin;

• Wax your underarm hair if you can, however, if you happen to go to shaving, do it while you are taking a bath in a warm steamed shower. The steam helps open up the hair follicles and the warm water helps in smoothing out the armpit hair, thus making you remove the entire shaft without abrasions. When the hair goes back, you will notice that your skin is noticeably smoother.

• Wash your armpits using milk. The lactic acid coming from the milk is a natural exfoliate and help dissolves dead skin cells.

• Use hypoallergenic deodorant; it contains fewer chemicals and has natural skin lighteners that can whiten your skin such as baking soda.

Keep in mind that in order to maintain the whitening of your underarm areas you must first remove or get rid of all the factors that are causing your skin to darken, namely; wearing tight clothing may cause friction and constrict the arms, use of harsh soaps, lotions, perfumed deodorants, creams and depilatories, and using razor in shaving your underarm hair. If you had the budget, the you may want to consider doing laser hair removal for a more permanent solution just some actresses and models do.

All of the given home remedies are excellent solution in lightening dark armpits naturally and fast. Remember, it is always best to use fresh juice in your armpits instead of bottled; you will have greater results when using fresh products.

You will also find that most natural remedies mentioned here can cause your skin to dry; you can add and mix a tablespoon of natural oils with all of the holistic methods to lighten dark armpits mentioned here.

As always, if you’re interested to learn more skin whitening guides and tips checkout How to Whiten Underarms.