How to Whiten UnderarmsHow to Whiten Underarms Naturally

How to Whiten Underarms Naturally

Here are some tips on how to whiten underarms naturally. So why you wanted to use natural products? The fact that using natural products in whitening your dark underarms will not cause skin damages such us chemical blisters or burns your skin like some commercial underarm withening products can do. Keep in mind that your underarm skin is so delicate and sensitive that having it whiten the wrong way can be disastrous, as it could make it darker rather than whiter.

As discussed in how to whiten underarms effectively, there are factors that causes the armpits to become darker, and one of the most common cause of it is the rubbing of your armpits against each other, which causes friction that could actually damage your tender underarm skin. Let’s tackle some other factors first that contribute to underarm skin darkening.

Underarm hair shaving and plucking is also one of the most common cause of darkening of your underarms. Remember way, way back your underarm is light, smooth and flawless? But as you grow older, there are sudden hormone changes and you are now growing hair in your armpits, and as a result of that you resulted to shaving and plucking your underarm hair. Remember that every time you shave or pluck your underarms, it causes micro abrations, and shaving itself removes the top most layer of your underarm skin, making the fresh layer beneath it more exposed to sweat and can cause darker underarms. Also take note that the wounds and micro abrasions as you shave and pluck your armpits hair, cause darkening of your armpits. The wounds can cause your underarm hair to grow straight up, having larger hair follicles, and these can lead to chicken skin.

Using poor quality deodorants is another cause of underarm skin darkening as using these kind of products depending on your skin type, can cause you an allergy plus it can potentially irritate your underarm skin, making it more darker. Poor hygiene also results to not only darkening of your underarms, as oils and dirt are piling up in your body, particularly in your armpit area, causing it to get darker.

So why do you need to know what causes your underarms to become darker? It is simply because understanding how your body works and what’s good and what’s bad for your underarms, will change your ways and eventually make your underarms whiter. So it is advisable to read, the paragraph above to understand how to whiten underarms fast.

So, how can you whiten your underarms naturally? Below are some of the ways in how you can do to whiten your underarms. These underarm whitening tips can be done at the comfort of your home, so you won’t need to be self-conscious in doing this. If you want to have a whiter underarms, then follow this steps, these are some of the best ways in how to whiten underarms.

10 minute underarm whitening lemon trick. For just 10 minutes twice a day, rub your underarm with slices of fresh lemon. As lemon, being a natural bleaching agent, it has caustic juice which prevents microbial growth in your armpit area, and can lighten your underarm.

Alum power as deodorant. Replacing your deodorant with alum powder for just a few weeks, will help you lighten your underarms. Not only it acts as a good and effective disinfectant, but also it helps prevents excessive sweating, which is one of the causes of having dark underarms.

Create your own underarm whitening paste. Make your own underarm whitening cream, just mix a tablespoon of lime juice, a tablespoon of cucumber, and add a pinch of turmetic powder. Resulting product is a natural underarm whitening paste which you must apply in your armpit area, 15 minutes before taking a bath.

Wash your underarms with coconut oil. Washing your underarms with coconut oil helps reduce skin darkening. Coconut oil has a natural Vitamin E, which lightens and soothes your underarm skin. Use the coconut oil as a massage lotion, and carefully massage your underarm are. Do this every night before going to sleep, and your underarm skin will get naturally whiter.

Orange peel and yogurt underarm whitening tip. Mix a tablespoon of yogurt, and some dried orange peel powder, and with these rub and massage your armpit area. This an alternative for the natural underarm whitening paste above, and can help treat dark underarms.

Use potato juice power. Did you know potato juce has natural bleaching properties which is quite helpful in making your skin lighter in complexion? Slice potato into thin pieces or use it’s juice and apply it on your armpits, leave or rub it for 10 minutes.

Lemon plus alum powder leave-on. Before taking a bath, prepare your lemon plus alum powder leave-on underarm whitening, do this by cutting a lemon and removing its seeds. Then just after taking a bath, rub the cutted lemon in a circular motion on your underarms, do this for 10 minutes and rub the alum powder on your armpits afterwards. Leave this on your underarms. As described from above, alum powder can be a replacement for your deodorant, so no need to place deodorant after applying this.

Honey and lemon to whiten underarms. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, then apply this to your underarms. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards rinse it with warm water. Lemon natural bleaching properties combined with honey, will make your underarm more lighter and more softer.

Applying the steps above will make your underarms become whiter and lighter in no time! Remember all of these are natural ways of whitening your underarm, and all the items stated above can be bought from your favorite supermarket. While these steps will make your underarms lighter, still the best and the most effective way is to visit an expert dermatologist, and consult your dark underarms.

If you have no budget or no time looking for a dermatologist which you can trust, the just keep doing the steps above. You do not have to do all the steps, just select what you like and choose what do you think is best and more suitable for you. Remember this is not a magic one time do this thing then whiten your underarms in one day, you must program yourself and commit on constanly doing the steps everyday. If you want your underarms to be whiter, then avoid cause of dark underarms as stated in this article and learn how to commit doing the steps above on how to whiten underarms naturally.